Embedded Systems

  • Our embedded system team provides provides software development, QA services for embedded and real-time systems. We offer a wide range of value-added services in the Telecom, Automotive, Consumer, Manufacturing and Convergence market segments. As a customer, you draw advantage from our highly competent interdisciplinary engagement and delivery teams who are in the forefront of this technically challenging area. The Embedded Services teams located at our development center represent core competencies centered around telecom, digital signal processing, electronics, semiconductor applications, image processing, automotive applications and developing tailormade i/o drivers, telecom/ networking, mobile/ handheld industry for various clients.
  • Projects under execution cover different phases in the life cycle with a diverse range of geographically dispersed clients. These projects are executed keeping in mind high quality standards. The team members have a high level of technical expertise with various technologies and have the capability to handle a wide variety of problems in this area.
  • Our design and development services for embedded systems and stand-alone devices have given our customers major advantages in terms of time and cost-to-market. Our solutions involve rapid prototyping, reduced development time and most importantly extreme optimization within hardware constraints.

Embedded Systems Expertise

  • Our expertise spans across building embedded applications over a wide range of real-time operating systems (RTOS), porting or adapting RTOS to suit embedded applications, writing device drivers, firmware development, development of middleware software components and implementation of protocol stacks (TCP/IP, FrameRelay). Our software development services for development of new products and reengineering the existing ones involved working on Linux/Windows, RTOS, DSP, ARM based processors and micro controllers. Some of our core expertise area as below:

Firmware and Protocol Implementation

  • iBots Technologies has considerable domain knowledge in networking and telecom. We have experience in development of software for data networks based on IP and have worked on access devices, switches and routers. We also develop many protocols in IP stack like SSL/TLS, SSH, IPSec, PPP, PPTP, L2TP, FTP, HTTP, bluetooth, SIP, and other signaling protocols for embedded applications on specific platforms.

Device driver development

  • At iBots Technologies we develop device drivers for various devices on multiple platforms such as Unix, Linux, Windows, VxWorks and pSOS, on specific chips.